Why Can’t I Connect to VPN?

First of all, you have to ensure that your local network connect to the Internet. Because VPN is a local network connection based service, if your local network can not work, VPN services will not work, either. To determine whether your local network is normal, please exit VPN, and then open your Web browser to see if you can visit the website.

Secondly, if your local network connection is normal, please re-open your VPN, and then login your user name and password to see if there is an message prompting error in entering . If so, please enter the correct account information.

Thridly, please make sure that your VPN service has not expired. If it expires, please complete the renewal as required.

Finally, sometimes our VPN server may be temporarily interrupted. If you are sure that there are no problems with the above, please replace a VPN server and re-connect.

If you still can not connect, please contact our online customer service via support email.